Hyper 8500 Helmetlight

Lampe for Enduro / Tråsykkel

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kr 4.939,-

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Lampe for Enduro / Tråsykkel

Run time:
550 Lumens 3500 Lumens 6000 Lumens 8500 Lumens

33H 4H 45 min 2H 30 min 1H 40 min

Important! Charging specifications:

Charger power Specification Charging Time

5W 5V/1A 24H

10W 5V/2A 12H

15W 5V/3A 8H

30W 12V/2.5A 4H




Product Features:

- Multi-light source high power headlight.Max 8500 lumens output.

- 4*SST70 Led. Color temp 5500k-6500K.

- Multi-angle lens design, wider illumination range.

- One-piece metal shell CNC hollow design, using integrated heat

sink welding process to ensure rapid heat dissipation.

- GoPro-standard mount in alloy.

- A variety of lighting modes to fit more conditions,10%-40%-70%-


- Independent switch control unit.

- 108Wh Large capacity battery pack for long running time.